Patience Limit Reach and Closure

My patience reaches to the limit I no longer can turn blind eyes on. Since my own manager doesn't want to give me satisfactory answer letting me enduring and frustration all these years dealing with the kid including cleaning the mess when complains reach the door steps. This may not a good idea doing behind my boss back. I decided to bring this matter directly to the senior management for the closure.

The kid really too hard to dealt with and shows no intention of improving, worst, all the way to ignorance. Entirely lost communication between its colleagues just because of disliking and disagreement. My boss also like to overlook the kid continuous mistake and feel like nothing ever happen asking others to solve his problem in order to close complain case. Imagine while we are working half way on the site and suddenly call back to the office just to fix his shit. So what about our current work then?

During our heated exchange email conversation, he felt insulted that most of his colleagues are against him especially me. Yes, I am a cunt, and will continue do so towards him because I don't give a fuck. My issue here are about his work attitude. No one care about his personal issue. If you want people to respect, you need to respect back the others too.

The amazing thing is that he find his whole drama thing is just a small problem. That's when he started attack my performance problem at work. Does it concern me, no. Why? I can produce results and get the job done. As for the small problem he said to me, thankfully, the senior management stand with me proving he is wrong. More than two years showing no sign of improvement at work is big problem and raises more question.

I don't really want to say we both in the end had our satisfying closure with the senior management present because I still need to wait for my manager to come back during his vacation to continue the discussions the matter. He seriously need to do something about it. Nonetheless, I want this kid out of my line of sight. The rest what he does is not my concern anymore as long it doesn't interrupt my works outside.


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