Avoid Using Sensitive Words

I never like to be a racist person in life. Although I am an Atheist, also very straightforward person who can talks many different subjects that are very sensitivity issues. I always try to keep the rude words away and very careful what I am talking when other races were just beside you. Of course, unless they don’t really mind so that’s different stories. But to me, it won’t happen, because every 98% races are going to be very curious what subjects are you really into that make them think you are racists.

Probably most of you already know that when it comes to racisms, Malaysia is the most in trouble because of the political issues. I am not too worried about Brunei. We all know that it won’t be happening because even if there are, it just going to be estimate 1-3% only. It’s a small numbers and won’t affect our relationship between Chinese and Malay.

Today, we just happen chatting about the situation in Malaysia between the Chinese and Malay. The only people who can give us the slight ideas and answers are those come from there. No, please be reminding that there is NO racist subject involved. It just that the words Malaysian-Chinese’s uses are way very sensitive and too open in their discussion causing misunderstanding. I was totally freak out sitting with them when the local Malays were just beside us and start glance at us. Yes, they were unhappy and quite pissed off.

I am so damn worried about their misunderstanding because one of my friends kept using ‘Halal’ and ‘Melayu’ words in the subject too often in our mandarin conversations. Luckily I was able to put it to stop continuing using those words but they simply think it’s normal. I don’t know how Malaysian-Chinese discusses these topics in Malaysia. To me, it just too risky for them so straight forward in Brunei and it’s bad if anything goes wrong.

Again, nothing racisms subject involved, we are simply just asking what happen when Chinese going to Malay shops and restaurants in Malaysia and how they would feel. Well, only two states I can gather so far. According to them, Malay in Sarawak is one of the friendliest with other races. But not in Sabah from what I heard, because they dislike Chinese very much and don’t serve them. I don’t know if that are true, since I never been to these two states before in my life so can’t gave exact answers to this subjects.

But anyhow, I do not have the power to stop people being racists or too open minded in their discussions. When you chat about any sensitivity subjects in coffee shops or restaurant, my advise always avoid using those words that others understand it sitting beside you even you are trying to be racists. It may not be good ideas but it’s better than getting involved into fights for misunderstanding forever.


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