is Gone? Update!

Update 2: -

Okay, I have done some check on this rumors and speculation about the owner of might be running away with all the customers’ money. However, according to his website, he posted an image telling all its customers that he is currently having trouble with his internet problem so all reply are going to be very late. But that image has been up for months so it’s quite disturbing and buyers are starting to be impatient hearing their pre-ordering status. Even reports that shipping took more than months. Man, worst than my two weeks experience. LOL!

If you have read my review, I already stated the issue about the shipping and the stocks. The only thing I forget to include is about the direct payments during checkout. I didn’t include it because almost all HK online stores I shop with are using the same method systems so I don’t pay too much attention on this. But I will definitely mention it in my next review and update the previous reviews. My advice also never pre-order anything that require direct payments first, unless that site are a trusted by toys community webmasters.

Anyhow, there is currently no real answer yet so I am unable to prove anything until the investigation results are confirm by Hong Kong Authority. The complaint was originally filed by one of the members at Hobby Fanatics so I will check their reply from time to time about the progress. Nonetheless, some buyers are reporting that they received news about their order already shipped out according to Paypal (what? This is the first time hearing Walter using it for issuing invoicing for shipped out) so let see if they received it or not.

Side note: Someone actually done a free advertising for Walter Hobby just to get a discount for the toys. That’s not a really sounds a good deal to me at all. He should be receiving FREE toys for review instead. Never help any online toy stores to advertise for free if you are not getting a good benefit from it. For example like E2046 asking for a exchange link with your blog.


Update 1: -

I am currently looking into this rumors and investigate more about it. For the meantime, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from the online store. I will update it once I know more what happen.

Thanks to the Anonymous informing me in the comment from my review.


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