New RTS Games for this March 2010

This upcoming three new popular RTS game will be releasing next month and I can’t wait to get them. I already did a pre-order for one of them, the Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight from last week. The remaining two for Supreme Commander 2 and W40K: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising. Both of them will be purchase directly from my Steam account when it available for Asia. Not too much worry over the downloading the whole game problem since I already got a free eSpeed upgrade recently last week.

My original plan was buying all three from But I decided to go for one since I already figure out next month it’s going to be tough on the spending so I have to try to paying less extra taxes for DVD media in the custom and avoid over spending as much as possible. If it wasn’t the staffs forget my fucking Visa gift last month, there won’t be any order at all and rather wait for EA release it on Steam instead.

Lastly, I need a nice value gaming card for my PC. I did miss my last year upgrade because I have a habits waiting for the latest and improve technology. I have the patient and finally the wait is over, either going for budget ATI 5770 or the upcoming ATI 5830. If I could remember, it might be releasing next month so hopefully my upgrade will be around April. Yummy~!


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