The Worst Stomachache

I can’t believe it either experience this bad in my entire life. Thanks to the unhygienic foods in WYWY restaurant in Seria and others unlucky happening. It was my first time going to other branch and since my colleagues decided to drop by there for lunch and so well, why not? I just want to taste the different between KB and Seria branch cookers, that’s it.

Its end of the month, so I just do a simple order for American fried rice with slice fish what I sometimes order at KB. After taking it and went back to work. Something doesn’t feel right onward until 15.30PM because my stomach is still full. Half an hour later, my stomach feels weird until reaching home and it starts to detonate defecation. I thought it might relieved my stomachache, but I was terrible wrong about it and start vomiting almost nonstop hurting badly my tummy. Guess what? Damn those shit coming out from my mouth are those slice fish never dissolved for six hours. Yikes!

I was totally totaled and asked my sister to bring me to KB emergency room without any second thought. Lots of thing happens over the past hours because a lot of chicken and duck communications problem going on because they think I have Asthma. I was so restless start moving around after they injecting me something in my hand and the doctor was wondering what the hell is wrong with me so they decided to run another check up. They gave me pills to eat and manage to fall asleep for half hour I believe. I wake up with a fresh mind, got the medicine and left the hospital at ten. It was late and I still feel bad going to vomit. I was thinking about taking the medicines but the doctor told me it must be until nine at the morning.

There is no way I could hang out for so long in the middle of the night experiencing continues stomach pain and start defecation every six or ten minute’s non-stop. The medicine they injected me probably only suppress for few hours. It makes me no choice but to take the pills right after that at half past two as I could remember. It was somehow stabilize but it starts again after one hours.

Man, I was totally sleepless for entire two days! Eating porridges was somehow suck also. It was tasteless and makes you hungrier at night. I decided went back to the hospital for another check up because I felt the medicine is doing me worst. It’s true somehow according to another doctor. After replacing the medicines, I went straight home, took it and sleep for few hours. My stomach now has less pain than ever, a bit lesser defecation.

I also did apply some Chinese medicines and it did help greatly. Everyone should, traditional stuffs sometimes does work pretty crazy well too. Thanks to that, I can finally heal and able to sleep at only on Sunday night until work starts next day. What a torture for my pain ass (hurt during defecation) moving around in the office because it was embarrassing for people seeing you like that. But I am glad finally the hell I suffer is over.


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