Ami-Ami February 2010 Online Order

Got a pretty good price from Ami-Ami sales and also half price for EMS shipping really helps to saved half of my online spending this month. Actually this is only just too making up for Ami-Ami because the previous pre-order I did not pay them last month. Well, I do that on purpose for testing and see how it going to end up.

What I got here are all HG versions Seed VS Astray: Regen for 46% off, Mr. Bushido’s customize Ahead for 60% off and OO Gundam Seven Sword for 25% off. also doing crazy sales on Gunpla this month and wish to collect the best offers appear in my wish lists. Yet and again, I am going to see and carefully plan for next month because I just found that the exchange rate for SG to Yen has fall again slightly. Last December 2009 was 1 SGD = 62.5YEN and now this February is 1 SGD = 61.6 YEN. This is not really looking good for us.

Buying things from Japan require some deep monitoring on the exchange rates this time, just because they are doing promotion it doesn’t mean we are paying lesser.

Gong Xi Fa Chai! ROAR!!!


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