Transformers - Crossfire 02 XF-02AB

Never expect the 3rd party made Transformers products would be so popular. I recently decided to make an order for Fansproject Crossfire 02 XF-02AB set (Munitioner and Explorer) at for US$89.90. I was originally planning pre-order Warbot Defender (Springer), but due to the popularity of Combiner Bruticus Maximum so I have to put it as a first priority in my listing.

I also place my order for Universe Bruticus Maximum (25th Anniversary version) at the same day. I was too quick making that decision because I was actually originally looking forward getting the ROTF movie version instead from eBay. Like I said earlier above, before this thing started became popular, the market value of this toy will also go up as well. Sometime you have no choice and started panic to act so fast. Anyway, hopefully next month I can still able to pre-order Warbot Defender and some new stuffs too!


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