Internet Surfing Crawling

Something is terribly wrong with eSpeed this week and normal surfing the internet including downloading is crawling like shit! Thanks to that I lose my two bids from eBay because it won’t load the website properly during the critical time closing. Well, good for saving my spending but bad for losing exclusive deals.

I already done my eSpeed test last night and it appear to be correct speed on download and upload. I check my phone line, everything works perfectly. Luckily I have few friends using Twitter so I am able to keep track on their update and manage to found out that they are experiencing the problem too. Its funny why the network engineers unable to spot this issue in the first place and waited for the customers to start complains before taking action. I made the call and the operator has confirmed with me there is a problem.

You can’t possibly get too much information from an operators so you should refrain firing them for the problems. The only people should be blame and get fuck is those network engineers taking so long to fix the problem or maybe not doing anything at all. This is why our country business performs so badly because of the incompetent internet services causes so much trouble and temporary down from time to time. All they know is blaming on the exchange system or because your locations are too far and your phone line has problem. What’s more?

Nowadays every business is depending on the internet to work 24 hours and yet we continue experience such issue from Telbru (and Brunet) without trying to solve it. We pay so much for fucking internet charges and hoping for better change in the internet performance and yet we got no improvement at all. I don’t know what to say any longer to Telbru and believe this is what they want the customers to be growing tired complaining. Not for me, as long I am in need the internet working. I will continue to made my complains and find out what the hell is wrong with it. I worked as IT technician have to do multitask in work to keep track on every issue too. All else I am also get fuck by my bosses even it wasn’t my job in the first place.

Okay, there are guesses on this problem. I suspect it got to do with the US connection link between Asia got cut off or maybe there are problems. Since, there are no news about any under water optic fibers been damage so finger cross. However, I did notice those sending email to certain countries address are experiencing bounce back issue. Just my thought.


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