Hasbro Toy Fair 2010 in NY

After waking up in the early morning during the first day of Chinese New Year, I would first check out twitter news. Yes, one of them is Transformers news and totally obsessed with it today. This is indeed good news to all TF fans because Hasbro finally decided to release Drift (once known as Deadlock in Decepticon faction) in Universe 3.0! OMG so happy! I couldn’t wait to get my hand on him sooner. I have been waiting for him to be release for quite a while. His appearance in the vehicle mode makes him looks great. It seems like my restart for this year is lucky one.

There are also some new products announced in the toy fair, the two of them are Powercore Combiners and War for Cybertron. All I can say it’s going to be a good buy after Hasbro reveal the price. Less talking and check out the TF site for the coverage and the images taken on live!


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