Rudolf's Customize Gouf Ignited

After submitting my model to Danny Choo X AFA 09 Gunpla contest year, I have completely stopped almost coming three months now. Yeah, my new job is getting my way and makes me so lazy on every Sunday and public holiday. Other reason are also the materials simply just not enough for kitbashing and also seeing my collections piling up like no tomorrow so I have to get rid some of it.

Starting out HG 1/144 kits was the best choice for me. If I started out with MG or HG 1/100 models, it might going to turn out worst so I decided to build all the Frame Astray before moving to others. I won’t be doing much on the modding but will be practicing and testing out the spray paints colors I brought cheap for Nippon white color to see it is good for plastic kits. Well…..turn out okay only but still not that good actually.

Here are the few photos shot for HG 1/144 Gouf Ignited (Rudolf's Customize) kits I finished today. I have to say the Tamiya Gold spray paint turn out really good and clean. Truly satisfied with the results except the white doesn’t turn out good I have to admit. One more thing, you will see a broken bit on the back of the leg below. That was not my doing, it was originally like that and it is my first time seeing such bad kit from Bandai product. Not a big deal anyway and hit read more for more picture.



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