We Are Atheism Campaign

To be honest, I have no idea how many Atheists are in Brunei nowadays. But I decided to speak out to all my family and friends. This is going to be ugly, hate, attacks and causing criticisms around me because all peoples I know are religious and believers except my big brother. No matter what happens, truth doesn’t hurt.

I already start promoting in my Facebook profile and see what kind of results I might get from the feedback. Of course I already am receiving unhappy comments from some of my Christian friends. Well, let see how it goes. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s up to you what you believe and disagreeing my view or the rest of the world.

Visit the official We Are Atheism website for more information's and check out the videos below.


  1. you are not alone: bruneiatheist.wordpress.com

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  3. Found you when I was trying to do a bit of research :) Just want to say that I salute your bravery and honesty! And check out my blog if you feel like.


  4. Hey, thanks for dropping by. your site has been added to my links!


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