Fansproject: CA-03 Thundershred Review

Thundershred is the third released Causality 2011 series from Fansproject. As you may know, the CA-01 Warcry and CA-02 Flameblast are just a redeco from the previous Crossfire series with different face and weapon parts. Basically the same mold so I decided to skip the first two released due to the unacceptable price I felt and better focus my attention on the CA-03 to CA-05.

The Box

The packaging is simple comes with square shape printed artwork. There are only a few accessories you are going to find inside which the shuriken parts, manual and character bio card.

The Toy

Without doubt, the looks of the Thundershred is very good design details. I really love how FP remodeled the whole G1 insecticon design into ninja style. It makes him look more powerful and better looking. The toy figure also feature rich articulate for posing and allow customizable weapons for your own taste.

Collectors will find the toy transforming to insect mode quite easy. I did discover one missing step didn’t print in the instruction manual. If you did watch one of the video reviews, the reviewer did mention about problem clipping together properly on the leg area during transformation. In order to transform properly, all you need to just push both the thigh to the back. If you are transforming into robot mode, simply just push forward to the position. I had taken the photos for better understanding below.

Quality and Problem

There are however numerous complain are reported at the FP Facebook page that the toy either shipped with broken parts or wrong parts. I did check mine and found problem inserting claws into the arms. It doesn’t able to fit into the hole which requires tools to sand down a little. Recommending don’t use any unnecessary force to push in, otherwise you are going to break it.

Another problem is the shuriken weapon parts. The plastic quality uses look so cheap even one of the blades is made different compare to three. Is this a QC problem? I can say yes, because the toy brochure doesn’t have that mistake. The only thing right now we can do is waiting for answer from Fansproject if they plan to rectify such manufacturing issue.

Final Conclusion

Despite the QC and complains from the collectors. This somehow does affect the sales and purchase decision. I am lucky enough didn’t get any faulty or broken parts except the different shuriken part pack inside. The shoulders do loose a bit when doing posing. Other than that, everything looks great for a price of US$46.99.

It’s up to you whether to buy or not. The remaining two insecticon are coming next month, which was definitely not going too missed in my collections.


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