Expressive Arts Convention 2011 – Day 2 Cosplayers Competition

The cosplayers competition were held after lunch hour. It was a long wait since I never watch cosplayers performance before so a good chance to check it out. If you wonder who the judges are on that day, the photo above is our answer.

Yup, they are the same group I mention before. I’m not sure there are only three but my friends do find it surprise and if these girls are actually up to the task to be judges. Not everyone seen them before (including me) so I understand people do question their judging ability. Since they were chosen by the organizers, I’m sure they are good.

I have posted the five group performance videos (recorded by Scary Soul) and photos of each participant during the cosplayers competition. Check it out!

Group Performance

Group 1 - Circus knight

Group 2 – GAO

Group 3 – Chocoreto Miruku

Group 4 – Team Evil

Group 5 – Persona Heart Parfait

Cosplayers Participants


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