Tokyo Toy Shows 2011: Transformers United Darkside Exclusive Version

This is a Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Transformers United Darkside Prime and Megatron exclusive toy. If you are Transformers collectors, you really shouldn’t miss this one. Why? It only cost US$59.90 (for now) which is the exactly the two United price. This is US$20 cheaper compared to the last exclusive Dreadwing and Smokescreen.

The paintings for both are so good especially Megatron is the best. I really love these two and really wanted to take them out of the box. But after seeing my room filling up with toys and junks, I think better off living them in there.

I don’t think I need to do review because they were basically the same toy and mold. This one simply just evil redeco version with good high quality paint job. Don’t miss out this one if you haven’t get one while the price still remain the same.


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