Semi-Detach Housing Up For Sale?

That doesn’t sound right at all. The housing is given by the HM and it’s up for sale? Few days ago, my aunt calls us if we wanted to get the semi-detach housing in Mumong area. Someone is putting up for sales for $800+ including name transfer. Now the question, is that even possible?

I don’t have much information about such sales and even possible allow for name transfers. What I know is the owner doesn’t like that house and wanted to get the Lumut housing instead. In my understand, if the owner doesn’t want the house the governments will give to those in the pending list. They never mention or information that allowing Permanent Resident to loan the house. This is quite dangerous and illegal way for us to jump aboard.

Although I am hurry wanted to get our own house. But I rather play safe and having legally loan housing. I already asked my Malay friends to help gather more information and feedback to me. If any of you also like encounter owner putting up the semi detach housing for sales. Make sure you do the same gathering more information before paying the owner.


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