Monsters Energy LO-CARB

I have been seeing lots of Monster Energy everywhere these days. It doesn’t bother me much since none single interest about the green three lines claw (an ‘M’ word for Monster). Not until seeing some colleagues drinking like Red Bull drinks (green version). They told me it’s quite sweet and expensive which I have no idea how much really, speculate around B$8-9. But it helps keeping them energetic working in the office.

There is no point for me to get some when I no longer go to the gym. However, I did try the Monster Enegry Lo-Carb drink given free by my aunt to try out this week. I drink before going for a jog and nearly feel like going to broke my leg. Probably the drink ingredients is simply too strong for me to consume, causing my leg muscle numb. You can’t feel the pain or anything. Luckily it just last few minutes, I stop the jog and continue exercise walk. Yes, I am continuously awake until almost mid night and force myself to sleep.

Monster Energy LO-CARB drink is not sweet and got a nice taste. It is advisable not to continue drinking if any strange occur and problem like mine above. Consult the doctors for help immediately if getting worst.


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