Best Years for Gunpla and 3rd Party Toys

Damn Bandai and those 3rd party companies are making so many great toys this year. I already pre-order Jesta and stock up some Gunpla from the current discount from HLJ. Jesta is without doubt one of the favorite Jegan variation I would like to get my hands on.
GMII also announce recently and to be on sale on October soon. I decided not to pre-order and wait until clearing up those remaining kits in my room. Still can’t promise myself over this decision. The only way to solve this are go for straight built which is much faster and easier. Let’s see how my things going.
The 3rd party toys over the years surprising becomes more competitive, new robot designs and more upgrades for Transformers. There are some already in my wish list. It just matter of time when the pre-orders going to open and suck my wallets.
I am currently waiting to receive my Fansproject CA-03 from RK. I will be making pre-order for CA-04 this week and CA-05 next month. Luckily I didn’t pre-order any TFC Toys Hercules (known as Devastator), they are simply too expensive to go for. Not unless I hit jackpot then I going for six of them which total up nearly US$500.00.
There are some companies are ridicules too expensive (like iGear) to put my money on when it comes to quality made and size of the toys. My advice is best and recommended to watch the video reviews before purchasing any 3rd party toys, unless you are familiar with the makers like well-known Fansproject. Of course many collectors don’t want to regret having missing toys in their display shelves.
Here are the upcoming toys and upgrades I am planning (surely) to get.


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