My Cosmos in Da House!

Oh yeah! I have been messing around with my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 chassis and disassemble the parts for taking pictures using my Canon camera for nearly one hour. The important things is I have to check out what CM has sends me in the package. The Cosmos includes almost everything that was originally mentions on the website which also recently they decided to add a dust filter for the rear. I am really grateful to them sending me for that one! Simply love you guys!

Opening every part of the chassis is almost very easy and I merely using my screw opening much except the floppy drive required smaller tips to open it. But I didn’t do it anyway. I just snap the picture should be enough because I’m not yet ready to build a new PC at the moment, as there are few more CM stuffs I won haven’t arrived yet. This is not my only reason, as you can see, Intel and AMD are fighting so fierce I don’t even know which one I should really go for (I know this time Intel win). End of this year is coming close, so I would rather plan carefully before I go spending like an idiot again.

I really have to admit that looking at the picture doesn’t really tell the truth to the buyer. Seeing the real thing is the best. That is why I have to announce that Cosmos is simply stunning and got a very attractive design I have ever seen. The only down fall is the chassis weight at least 18kg without any hardware and PSU installed yet! I was really having a hard time carry out and I am going to do that again because my friends will be coming to visit and wanted to check out my Cosmos. The chassis can describe as almost perfect as it seem to me. Still I was able to find a few flaws on the chassis. There is nothing wrong with the manual or the extra carrying box bundle together. But it just feels like something is missing or needed to fix. Anyway, I am really happy to own one and I will need to get another fan bracket for the Cosmos.

I have snapped quite a lot of photos on every part I checking. Feel free to drop by in my Facebook photos. Cheer!


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