October Crazy Supermasket Stock Up!

Oh my...whenever I go to supermarket every month, I will control my budget spending between $30 to $50 maximum. This time I broke $78.90!!! WOOT!!! ^^; Man! I do hope it will last more than one month before I start restocking my snacks and foods. Bloody hell, maybe I was out of my mind looking for something to try out today. Pushing my trolley around and just grab what I wanted. I never think twice when putting the foods and snack into my trolley. Only drinks I might think more than twice if I wanted to try something new to enjoy myself while watching animes and movies. Maybe other reason I think there are nothing to eat if I got home. So probably stocking up foods to enjoy at my lunch time at home would be much better than spending eating outside the restaurant. You can look at my spending for October. I even can’t imagine myself would spend so much only for just past 1st week. I do hope this and next two weeks I might be able to pull off a little eating outside. Just hope it really turns out well.


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