Tabula Rasa Online

It took me almost a week to finished download full 2.9 GB clients beta from Fileplanet. I'm not a person really rush on any online games these days, because I find it hard too to spend few hours getting my characters up and running. Just like my current Silkroad Online character has been left abandon and less going for leveling.

Tabula Rasa is quite different from the others. It’s more like controlling and playing Max Payne. The server is not really stable, although I only see three servers listed the traffics 'Medium'. But I am experiences quite lagging on the game while I am moving around on the base and missions. That really makes me feel bad and started to get sick. I’m not blaming the game it just the gameplay build like a first person shooter and I can’t stand it as my stomach is going to throw out the junk foods.

You still can join the game and grab a free beta keys from Fileplanet. I’m not sure when it might going too closed but I’m sure sooner. Don’t ask me about the character I am building right now. I have no idea what the hell I am doing with it and just leveling. I find a bit confused and the instructions are out of questions. I’m not to worry about the missions details as the map will be able to point out the locations. It just the questions how am I able to find those enemies to kill and grab the quest items on the maps. I find the online games are getting hard to play nowadays. Luckily the base is not as big as WOW castle. I remember finding a shop took me 10 minutes looking around for it. xD


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