Selling Junk Steel

I have been doing some cleaning in my office two days ago which is what I am waiting for to clear off the power supply junk left over almost a year. Since I have planned to clean up the office, I decided to do some tidying in my room as it getting messier than ever. Other reason, of course, I need to prepare an extra space for my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 arrival next week including yesterday night I made an order from Play-Asia. Another nightmare for me next month! I just simply can’t control myself spending money and I still owned my mom four months payment ^^;;;. Well my mom still in Singapore, so just includes into my debt. Until she get back end of this year. Hehehe…

Anyway, I sell off 50kg of rusted/damage water heater, water pump, old casing, keyboard, printer and PSU junk includes another 18kg for the monitor. Total 68kg and I get $7 bucks from it! In my local recycle company, they currently offer $1.20/kg (estimate) for any lousy steel (rusted or new) and for computer monitor only $0.03/kg (from what I heard)!?! You may wonder why monitor cost so low. Well, I can’t answer you either. But to me any tv or monitor require carefully recycle and I’m sure everyone knows it still contains power in it even if it’s not turn on. I also wanted to recycle my soft drinks can but it only weighs less than 2kg so I decided to recycle next time. For your info (to all local Bruneian & foreigners), the guy told me they will paid for $1.80/kg for soft drink cans. I’m sure most of you will bring down to our neighboring country to get more out of it comparing here.


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