Name the Cheater At Your School!

Ha! This young blogger are now having quite a lot of trouble in the public and school. Posting classmate and teacher real name surely will create a big disaster in your blog frontpage. If you post into your private blog is ok, without showing to the publics. But posting in the visible frontpage, umm...that is really bad indeed. A good lesson to all local students not to follow this behaviors. No matter how much you hate the person and that goes for the school. Don't mess with the teens. ^^;;;

KLANG: A young blogger caused a storm in her school after she wrote that some fellow students had exchanged notes during a recent examination.

The Form Four girl said the copycats were unfair to others, adding that those who cheated eventually scored high marks while those who did not, got low grades.

She further claimed that the teachers who knew what was going on during the examination deliberately ignored the incident.

Her grouses prompted the school authorities to order her to remove her entry in the blog.

A schoolmate of the 16-year-old girl said she broke down and felt she had been victimised merely because she wanted justice to prevail.


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