Fedex - Where Are U Going?

It was SO SAD that I can't post up the picture of my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 chassis here. Blame the Fedex! If weren't their little mistake, it would be received by today. It very funny I have to say while looking at the tracking in the local Fedex website. I can’t believe they didn’t notice that error and even made a phone call. Although the tracking told me they have send to wrong location from Singapore to Australia. You definitely won’t believe this what I am going to write here. The customs over there actually made my Brunei mobile phone call in their own home land, in AUSTRALIA!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Even I can’t believe after Lucus from CM China email me and inform that there is problem sending and the custom unable to contact me. I was so confused, my mobile phone is working and my sister is at home. We didn’t even receive any call at all. How did that possible that they call me in the first place? I thought that my Cosmos ended in the custom or maybe in the capital, so I decided to give them a call to my local Fedex. This is where it all started! My stuff ended up in Australia and has to wait for my local to help me bringing back direct from there.

But I am starting to question about the Australian custom. Why the hell did they call my mobile phone there? They knew the phone doesn’t actually belong there and they still call? OMG I can’t really believe the customs not even bothering to look at the address where did that send from. They straight away inform CM in China that they can’t contact with this person there in Australia? My address is there stating ‘BRUNEI DARUSSALAM’ and they still don’t get it? I have to say this is my worst experience using an expensive courier services. And yes, my local Fedex did ask me a silly question. Are you buying a medical equipments or medicine? Luckily I didn’t say it’s a device that can build a nuclear weapon. Just hope I am able to received my stuffs this week as my stuff still pending to send out in Australia.

I just found the Fedex humor about asking Bill who had no idea where China is as he ended up in other countries. It's time for me to asked the Australian customs to put the pin where Brunei is. I'm not trying to insult the customs there, but can you believe they actually call Brunei phone number in Australia looking for me?


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