The Worst Crime In The World

Which one is the worst crime in the world? Murder or shooting? Nope! Stealing? - Nope! Selling Drugs? - Nope!

I’m sure everyone knows, right, rapist! I have been reading TONS of raping news around the world lately even happens in my country. Yes, men are beast and should be curse. But not all men like that because many of them went for becoming gay or even change their own gender. I don’t know what the hell with the world ending up too. But I would definitely like to ask those idiots what they really feel after they raped those girls, woman and children. I don’t want to listen about their excuse and shit about forgiven.

The problem is, I don’t really understand why they actually done it without any good reason? They knew if they done it, they will eventually go to jail. Are they doing this for fun and enjoy their own pleasures? Probably they can’t find any girlfriend, prostitute or money to spend to fuck with them? The worst thing worst, if you do read the recent news about Boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping girl, 11. Do you believe it? Even 8 and 9 years old boys know how to rape a girl! I wonder what kinds of environment do these boys living in? Too much Youtube, I guess.

Another one is the gang-rape victim got jailed in Saudi because she was with other men on the car. After the seven men found out, they abducted her and took turn at least 14 times by raping her. Even thousand of pity and voices won’t help this poor Muslim victim. I was lucky I am not born in a Muslim family in Saudi. Even I was, I will work my ass and studies hard, and moved out to other countries. The system is terrible for women over there and they have no power to fight over the rights. The traditions are simply too powerful on Saudi and we won’t even going to see it change even I become an old sucker. I ever saw the fear in the woman eyes before. When they see me outside waiting to go in and fix the alarm system back in the days. They were like in totally disaster looking for clothes to cover their face after they saw me. What a difficulty culture they actually living in.

Father raping its own same blood daughter is totally way too much. It just happens not long ago posted in my country and it’s a shame reading this. He is an unemployed Father, is getting 18 years and 12 strokes by raping his two own daughter between 2000 and 2006. If I am the judge, I would give him forever life sentence in prison. Can’t believe he even do it on his own blood. What the fuck is wrong with him anyway?

I don’t really know what to say about this. But woman should learn more how to protect themselves and equip any necessary device that may help you to fight the rapist in the future. Being alone is not a really good choice and should get some friends going with you. Parents should be aware of this too and educate your children to be careful on strangers. This world is just been fuck up too much.


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