Busy With New Job!

I think I have to thank for that busy shit around me this month. My bossy haven’t decided yet to give me internet access so lesser time surfing around the online store compared to my previous job, everyday at least. That’s why I broke faster than usual. Arggg…

Another one more week, we are going to get our salary soon! But it suck I have yet to go to HSBC to open back my saving account because there is really have no time for it. I did remember it can done from online. But after checking the website, I can’t seem to find it anymore. Maybe due to the security reasons I guess. Why HSBC!!!

Hopefully it can be done smoothly this Monday. Just paid up 2x MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise yesterday. It does cost a lot on the shipping and wondering why it was so heavy. Luckily before the pre-order, I manage to snap a 30% off from it. However, the most disappointed news for me is unable to get hold of Revoltech Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Eva Provisional Unit 5. This is the first time in my pre-order life I wasn’t able to obtain it. This Eva 05 was so damn popular and according to the HW Japan, this is a limited released version. No one can really tell how popular it was for Evangelion 2.0 movie. Nonetheless, I will see how the plan is for next month getting from Hong Kong online store if Japan already runs out.

The next upcoming pre-order for my list is Bandai Lightning Action Base. Looks really interesting and the price is not bad too while it allow to combine with Action base 2. Not sure about the Action Base 1 version. But I am getting this for sure. It will be great for doing posing for photo shots. Picture stolen from Ngee Khiong. =P

One last thing, I have a US$5.00 off coupon (expire coming end of this month) for buying items above US$50.00 from Play-Asia.com. I’m going to give it for free. Simply hit “Read more” to get the code. Only one for you all, first one who use it. You win.

Coupon Cade: SZ-FJL-CSV


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