Weekend House Cleaning

Damn, that was so tiring cleaning the house backyard. I really hate those plants growing all around the place and its really annoying dealing with this nature. It also creep me out when seeing those frogs and mouse hiding inside the box while throwing out some of the old stuffs.

I clear as much as I could for today and transport it to the dump site. Probably I am going to plan for another two or three more rounds to clean up the place because there is still some more old trash left outside. Hate those ants living around those old stuffs.

On the side note, I already upload my Zeta Plus A1 (E) photos at Figure.fm for Bandai World Gunpla Competition. It took me at least three hours to only upload only 10+ (160 +/- kb each), thanks to the mother fucking Telbru internet. I can’t believe it was getting terrible and I notice my speed drop after doing the speed test. I am going to fire up the complains tomorrow. Hate this kind of shit happen every few months and smell Telbru is doing something fishy on the internet sometimes. I even sure the terrorist would want to blow up the Telbru centre because of the worst internet service ever experience by them unable to communicate with their groups and leaders. Imagine when they are in a hurry unable to to execute their plans with a freaking slow internet.


  1. wah.. nice~~
    ow yea.. i dont like e speed too. last time, i got no internet at all. =.=" completely worst. plus the speed are life super slow as in slower than brunet. haha
    so decided to change to dst router. now it's like damn fast... =D


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