Bringing Up Edison Chen Stupid Story

Do you believe it? After two years of the Edison Chen scandal shits happen. Someone in Brunei really thinks we IT Technicians would do the same things do them. I was totally gone blank when one of the bosses brining up this story because I didn’t do a full format on his PC. Well, it wasn’t because why I didn’t want to do it. But rather he was telling me to replace the hard disk only so of course what we IT Technician do is clone the whole things without require to do reformat, this result no data loss and no changes at all. That’s it.

Since he also didn’t give me any instruction about reformatting, my job is 100% to make sure his stuffs and data don’t get fuck up. All else, I would definitely get sue or fired straight from my job. Of course, I didn’t really pay much attention why he still replacing the same hard disk size while his data are getting larger not until I asked him. Then his question me do I know about the Edison Chen case and how his stuffs were leak out. I was like, what the hell does he have to bring up this thing, wasn’t this an old celebrity story? Everything went totally blank on my mind at the time and he told me people (also referring us) might do the same thing to his PC. I don’t really know how to response his question. To me, who really want to steal his information that doesn’t worth a single millions of dollars or even who aren’t even an important person in Brunei? I can’t say about people might threatening him or getting caught in the tape having sex or affair with another woman. If you doesn’t have any of these, why do you afraid of?

I know there is such person who have nothing do it would do all sort of this thing trying to recover the secret stuffs left behind in the hard disk drive. But so far in our country, the numbers of IT Technicians commit this kind of crime is very low, like 1-2% for those home users PC. For business companies, I find it very less likely going to happen unless the employees itself are stealing the data. But so far I never heard of such cases except once two years ago which I don’t want to talk about it.

But if you really want to make sure your piracy and confidential stuffs never get leaks out. Defrag your hard disk drive every month and backup your data to another personal external storage or best yet, you can use some free shredder programs to get rid the data in your hard disk drive that cannot be easily recoverable which is the best solutions rather changing your hard disk drive only. If you don’t know which free programs is the best, check out some of the links below and read the users comments for better selections. Check the links below.



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