MG Blue Frame 2nd R Bonus Back Pack Reveal

I have been waiting for the news about the back pack we are getting soon this month. Seems like Ngee Khiong able to gather the latest and clearer picture about MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise back pack bonus how it works. Not the same as the previous picture that Bandai posted but somehow it was written in Chinese. Anyway check out the picture below.
It was great to see these back packs offer does gives a nice upgrade for both Gundam Seed MG and HG 1/100 version. But I am more interested in the back pack for the MG Blue Frame itself if it might works with the HG 1/100 Astray as well. I’m sure anyone of us really loves to know it. I already order for two for myself and man, limited offer does makes you smile. Same goes our money too. At the same time people still think its a ridiculous marketing which I don’t really care about it.


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