The 49th All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show

Man, I was really surprise about the Victory Gundam will be the next and soon release in MG ka version this year. No one really expecting that coming from Bandai and I’m sure many Gundam fans who wishes about it are totally in cheering. I’m not really sure if I should place my pre-order since it haven’t said anything about any special prize or items yet. Not going to be my priority buy list, but it’s going to be next look out for next year or two until I finished building the old one.
The last Seed VS Astray unit, Nebula Blitz also finally reveal at the event. I can’t really tell how much changes did the Bandai actually done to this kit compared to the old version of Blitz. What I can only sees it just only have additional weapons and changes to the backpack which allow to swap with others unit. Doesn’t really seem what’s new to me so far except the upcoming Astray Mirage Frame that can transform into emm…. I don’t know what it call it. I just got to admit Gale Strike Gundam still my favor the most. Nope, no changes to my plan getting ALL Seed VS Astray once all release. Come! Come! MG Blue Frame Second!
There is extra good news for me, ReZEL and Stark Jegan is coming next year under HGUC kits!!! I don’t feel disappointed being not release in MG, but I really do hope Delta Plus will be the next. Goto prepared my $$$!


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