Astray Blue Frame 2nd and Walter Hobby Update

Ngee Khiong yesterday posted update news about the backpack for the upcoming release MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd next week. However, already got holds this kit and posted the information on his website! You guys should check it out except the backpacks pictures has a missing link so you can only look at the currently thumbnail on the info pages. Hopefully we are able to see it in action soon and fix on the missing links.
I also will be doing an update on my review for Walter Hobby soon. If you recently visit his website, you will notice he update his website looking better and now with more products. At the same time, he is now offering another up to 50% off for the toys and plastic kits over there. If you are interested, you should drop by. The most I interested Gundam kit I am eying right now is the promotion on the bundle for Gundam MKII HD color for both A.E.U.G and Titan 2.0. It’s currently offering 36% off for $59.90USD, not a bad deal to me. One more thing, he did indeed visit my blog after I posted the review. Seems like he did some homework on the search engine.


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