The World of Climate Change!

Yes, today is the Blog Action Day! It’s good to discuss once in a while about other important matter rather than just about toys and anime in my blog. Our world is changing every years and even the technology advance so fast that no one really could imagine how much it can impacts our life and surrounding. This is why we need to discuss about the important of climate change from time to time.

What exactly is climate change? How does this affect us in our country and around the world? Not many of us and younger generations these days have an idea what is going on with the climates. However, the easiest way to understand is takes an example of the flood and heavy rains happens this year which it already claimed two human lives, destroys many houses and also landslides in Brunei. This is the cause of changes in modern climate that no one ever able to predicts.

Although we can’t compare to another country, such disasters cases believes to be becoming worsens every year for our country. Probably most of us think are it because of lack of design infrastructure and Governments not putting their effort on climate change in priority lists? Yes, they are. But I don’t think they are the only to blame. However, the most blame should goes to us not taking this disaster seriously as always thinking very less likely happening in our country.

It’s easy to understand. We are living in a peaceful country and taking things very slowly. No matter where you go, in the public or living other non town areas. I believe the worst seeing people throwing and dump rubbish into the manhole or drains which normally done by the children’s and teens. Of course, same goes to the foreigners. We don’t care much about it and always thinking avoids getting into trouble.

However, what we never realize is how bad this damage could be done to the environments and understanding it could block the water flows through the sewage properly. This is why we seeing most of the place easily get flooded when heavy rain fall and at the same time creates waste water. Even if the infrastructures have improved over the years, we continue to repeat the mistake over and over again.

The question right now is how can we prevent climate change? I myself can’t think of better answer to this question. But my first thoughts are hoping the Government considers launching a community service programs to those people caught love littering and vandalisms. This is the best measure to educate the locals and foreigners taking good care of the surrounding. No matter how much the opposing mind from the locals. We have to think about the climate change issue and even the money spends on the repairing and renovating the areas. If this method able to work well, it can help to save the country becoming polluted, also improve the healthy lifestyle and improving changes in modern climate.


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