Samuel Decal Mini Review V1.0

Samuel Decal is a well know custom and remade designs marking for plastic kits that are not sold or official made by Bandai, Kotobukiya, Wave (for example) in Hong Kong. If you are having a hard time looking for custom made decals for your plastic kits, you should drop by this decals online shop to check it out.

They have many selections for the nice custom made decals design over there. Some are remade limited decals from the hobby magazines and also resize version from 1/100 to 1/144 for plastic models. Of course, non-Gundam decals and other SD resin kits also recently available at their website this year.

Discount Offer

Samuel also kind enough to offer for everyone discounts as long you made an order for over US$20.00 which he already introduced on year 2005. If you purchase over US$20.00 you get 10% off and 20% off for over US$40.00. Not bad.

How to Order

Only this time I include in my review because Samuel doesn’t used any shopping cart methods on his website. You need to send it by e-mail (order [at] samueldecal [d

ot] com) for orders.

For example:

1. Ex-S
1/100 Scale

2. C3 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam
1/100 Scale

If the decals like Ex-S also available for 1/144 scale, simply check the price for the 1/144 and change it like this.

1. Ex-S
1/144 Scale

2. C3 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam
1/100 Scale

You DO NOT need to pay Samuel first! Wait for his invoice and the total cost before he requesting you to pay.

Payment Methods

Samuel currently only accepts Paypal and Western Union for payment. However, please note that there will be 3 - 5% service charges impose only for Paypal users.

Well, for me it’s cheaper than paying through Western Union.

Shipping Methods

You can choose either deliver by normal or register airmail. This option is included together with the invoice after you order.

For me, I do recommend paying extra for register airmail to avoid getting missing since he is using mail packing method to send over. Some asshole in some countries might think there is money inside and also easier to track if it arrived in the post office in case you haven’t received for two weeks or more.


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