Weekend Update and Cleaning #2

There haven’t any interesting things happen on me lately except the fucking Telbru espeed is so terrible fuck up the internet every time after 7.00PM. No one knows what the fuck they set on the system making the whole internet so slow or exchange system is fuck up in KB. I’m not sure how many of you out there experience this, but I continuously getting speed drop at night and surfing the internet is totally frustrating. What I can’t believe is that going to Brudirect takes almost 1 min to open and continue loading the rest of the images.

My download speed is only around 15kb so far I test at night and my Steam updating only manage to reach over 30kb and drop constantly over the time. Torrent is exceptional and reaching over 50kb has no problem at all. But uploading is the worst scenario in my life, uploading a 150kb photos takes more than 5-8 min and getting errors again after 7.00PM. Until now, I haven’t even managed to finished upload my photos.

I already did a numbers of times at night and morning doing speed test. Currently, only today morning is working fine and the download speed is back. To be honest with you all, I don’t really trust much about the speed test using the Telbru Speedo Meter. I should have taken the snapshot on the result I get for the first time and its 90000+kbps few days. I was like what the heck was that? Going another round testing for tonight, if the results it’s the same. I am going to call the center third time.

Anyhow, I going to take it slowly on the house cleaning and dumping all those useless stuffs put at the back of my father house. Yet and again, it’s the same old step bitch doing it intentionally. I don’t care anymore if that is valuable or not. It will be gone forever in my watch! Will be doing my Gundam kits stocks check afterward too. Hehehe…


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