Gundam October Check

Well, just another of my Gundam collection stock check for this month. I decided to do some arrangement and deciding which kits are going to build next by the end of this year. I haven’t figured out which one yet but the two HGUC for GM Striker and Blue Destiny Unit 2 are coming to an age of 3 year soon. Yeah, I brought it few years back and keep it because I was broke that time. Not because of over buying toys, it just my car fuck up and needed repairs. Poor those two, anyway, hopefully will be able to do it next year.
Here’s my current Gundam kits collection taken today. I’m sure it going to be more sooner after I abandon straight building. Man, still have so many buy list pending awaiting my mouse to add it to the shopping cart. Slowly~! Slowly~! ^^;;;


  1. Where did you stay? I go to your house and rob your collection :P Do you paint your gundam btw?

  2. Yup! I spray paint my kits nowadays.


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