Moving to New Environment

After joining the new company last week, spending on blogging is lesser or even lazy to type at the moment. I have to wake up early and sometimes bring my sis to work and had to rush up to Anduki. I am currently not used to it right now because normally I start work at 8.00AM and the location is so close within five minute reach (without traffic). Of course I can’t compare to those staying in the capital area rushing down to KB.

There are quite a lot of familiar faces over there. Most of them are my previous clients and even classmates. It’s great for me because less pressure for me being alone without knowing anyone there. I just need to be extra careful on the bosses. Everyone is afraid and as much as possible avoid seeing him. LOL!

Well, my boss hasn’t giving too much tasks at the moment as my PC haven’t arrive yet. It will be going to be busy and lots of assignment sooner or later. I already know what are the outcome in the future, I just have to think about the $$$ and work hard for it. Hai~! Even my colleague just calls me before typing this post IF I am free to go to the company hotel to check the clients PC and also introduce me to the workers there. But I simply have to refuse for today only because I am currently so lazy to change my clothes and open the lock gate.

However, that was not the case because since I am still under probation and don’t have any single fuel allowance yet. For me, it was unwise to drive around while keeping my money as tight as possible and even borrowing my mom money to cover it. I really owe her a lot. Thanks to my previous company for not paying ANY single cents on my car fuel and mobile phone credits. It just makes me mad remembering it.

This is a good advises for those wanted to works with Chinese. If you are working as an onsite servicing and at the same time using your own cars, make sure they pay you after your probation. If not or broken promise, you should just starts looking for other jobs instead. No point of arguing with those who doesn’t want to pay.


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