Disappointed Outcome Decisions

One of the main problem working in big private sector company was dealing with people who actually can fuck up your job anytime. While this kind of issues can be consider very common nowadays and happens to anyone in the world. A company shouldn't have continued to practice of such behaviors. I do understand taking care more than hundreds of employees aren't an easy task to begin with. If you continue to not listen or believe their opinions then the company are just only losing good employees.

Of course I’m not doubting the manager's ability performing and managing its employees. But what I more pissed off was having someone else who isn't a fucking IT could simply steps in taking charge of the computer hardware's without any single discussions and proper planning before distributing like wild fire. Over time, this actually becomes uncontrollable problems and seeing a good business PC one by one turned into trash. Even the warrantying the hardware causes major questioning of large numbers of same problem likely putting us losing the warranty claims. The end results weren't only wasting company budgets but also affecting our job schedules as well.

I already had a good plans ahead what to do with it and that could already solved at least 60% of the company today problem and spending. The reason of such confidences because during my more than three years working with them. I have spent a lot of efforts carefully observed, managing, knows how many numbers of aging computers, software issues and how the users uses in the site office environments.

Now all years of hard work and efforts are ruining. I'm not a person who work there only takes money who like doing nothing watching to go worst. It is my job to improved and make it better. With such bad decisions handed down by the managements who choose not to consults with the IT for opinions really disappoints me. This is very tiring and to start over again, I better off looking somewhere else. Damn the good offer just never pops up yet.


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