The Fail Customer Services in Brunei

That would be the HSBC! While I do have problem with Telbru and sometimes complained them, at least they did try to change and improved their customer’s service support. HSBC is getting worst every year and got me nearly slamming the table in their Seria center from my last experience over the credit card issue. Even their 24 hours hotline call service doesn’t work from time to time until today. No I’m not lying. This is true and can guarantee I’m not the only person having this kind of experience.

The hotlines are so fucked up that you can only able to get someone during working days. I had done a few tried calling at night when having trouble swiping the credit card. All I got the same answer from the auto response from the system was told to call back during working hours. This isn’t the first time, it been ongoing for weeks and happens again after few months when I call during morning on Sunday. This got me so rage logging complains for answer when the lost card phone line didn’t even work too.

I don’t really want to say it was any help at all. Unless I wanted to go that far records in video and posted it in YouTube to shame them. But I didn’t, not because I am coward. There are things we have to be extra aware of. HSBC is a global bank. So messing with them may get you into unimagined worst scenarios. Well, if I am millionaire. It would be different stories because they are asshole mainly served rich people better.

There is definitely something fishy going on in HSBC starting last year. The Seria branch already got tons of complains and slow services making customers waited at least one-two hours because of lacks of hired employees. That’s not the whole story I’m sure of as I slowly seeing many familiar ex-employee s faces working in other companies nowadays. Same goes the over and over again same lucky draw promotions.


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