What a week!

At Work

Not a nice week for me and just don't go right at the moment especially at work. I hate working late hours recently and really piss me off badly. I don't even know what my boss is thinking, asking me to worked on late hours for nothing, and yes I don't get paid for overtime which is why I always trying to drive away ASAP from the office after 5PM. I don't really want to be an asshole, but I reached my limit taking the work on late hours. I had no intention to argue with my boss about this issue, as he personally knows much about this then me. It just simply turns blind and getting more from it. No matter what I will against it even losing my job, no overtime paid, no extra working hours for me. That’s it!


People who want 100% same

Oh yeah, I do encounter few issue about people I deal with, who want same things from the previous one. That was terrible suck and one of the worst experiences supplying new PC. You see, new and old PC performance will be different especially when it comes to the software side. What can you do about it when security patches are required to apply to protect your personal data and not to mention it will causes a bit low down on performance. We can't really do about it. You want your personal data get stolen or rather had a little system performance drop?


However, the person I encounter do not care about these and he want 100% same working system like his old PC. Since he complained a lot, I decided to work another late hour to get his PC reformatted and tweak the performance again. Yet and again, he is not satisfactory over it. Fuck word on my mind this time and still complained about the Outlook perform slower than his previous one. This is starting to get nowhere as I don't really understand why they can't think of old and new are actually two different things in this world.


Shit man

A new word to describe a person who doesn’t have any slightly idea what is manner. I was assisting the accountant solving their software issue with the Singaporean IT who required me to be there. Amazingly, this guy has been repeating saying the word 'shit' from the start to the end about 10 minutes conversation on the phone. Ok, few other additional words like 'Ganasai' and 'wah lan nei' normally used in Singapore. I had no idea what fuck this guy is actually thinking over there, but he really need to change his way of talking to someone in the phone. Oh yeah his is a new guy just joined the company not long ago I heard. What a shit man, maybe his life could be living in shit surrounding.



Anyway, weekend is coming. I’m going to get my Gundam assemble this time. I have been leaving my previous two for at least a year. ^^;;


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