Impatience Looking 4 Cosmos Fan Bracket

While I am still waiting for my PC games and Cooler Master stuffs to arrive. I need to get an order for my Cosmos 1000 fan bracket. It was terrible hard to find it in Brunei. CM Service Centre did contact me about someone in Brunei actually doing the sales. However, at the mean time they are unable to contact him because he went for business trip. I already asked CM if they could provide me the contact numbers or email so that I can talk directly to him and help me to get some Cooler Master stuffs.


I really hate myself for been impatience sometimes when ordering something. I spend my free time looking for online worldwide PC store for past few days. Thanks to the forum CM Tech Support showing a nice online retailer PC store that sell the Cosmos fan bracket. The name of that store is Sun Dial Micro. Good thing about them is that they provide shipping to Brunei. The bad things about them are, the fan bracket is expensive, and charges on additional processing fee US$10 will be include in the shipping. I decided to skip this one out, but I will tag it in my Delicious for record in case I need something from them.


Another way of getting Cooler Master Parts is directly from Europe store. To tell you the truth, they sell much cheaper and no processing fee required. They got more parts and you can easily find it to replace your faulty parts. I wanted to refurbish my Cavalier, somehow the shipping weight fee are much worst as they charge on how heavy your stuff to be deliver to Brunei. At the end I only purchased two Cosmos 120mm fan bracket with top priority shipping which cost me total B$33.46 (€15.00). The exchange rate is for this purchase is 1 SGD = 0.448182EUR using Paypal. Better than nothing.


Other than that, great news to all Gurren Lagaan fans. Revoltech Gurren Lagaan pre-order has finally made it into You will get 5% off before April 14. Don’t worries I already place my order yesterday. Gundam Destiny Master Grade 1/100 model also made available for pre-order and 5% off. Check out the rest over at!


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