Messing With 3rd Party Wireless Router Firmware

I have been trying out the Linksys 3rd party firmware for my WRT54GS v4 router for the past few months to resolve some issue with Bittorrent thingy and testing some new features including compatibility on others device. I only tested two type of firmware and finally found the one which are much stable for my router including better connectivity for other wireless device.


HyperWRT Thibor is my favorite 3rd party firmware. The interface is much exactly same with the Linksys and added more new features that were not found in the original firmware. I have tested it for over 6 months and works pretty good. Not to mention my Bittorrent worked like charm and my little sister still able to surf the internet without much problem getting disconnect. I did not find any problem using with my Linksys WRT54GS v4 router. However, for the 2nd firmware I tested for past two months. I really had to give up and revert back to HyperWRT instead. I hate to say it. It brings so much problem and wireless connection issue I have never encountered before.


DD-WRT is also one of the popular free Linux based firmware for almost every supported routers. For some reason, my colleagues told me that this DD-WRT is not the original founder or the peoples who modify the firmware. I don’t really know what to say about this, but I was link to the official site for download. Okay, like I say earlier above. This firmware really causes me a lot of problem on the bittorrent and also my sister can’t even connect to the router to surf any internet for past few days which I didn’t notice it until she notify me. Once the Bittorrent run from my Window, the wireless connection will have a lot of trouble connect to my router even I disable it the torrent software. I’m not sure what the problem that causes it is. But I also experience some problem with the security password as it won’t recognized even I set to WEP. I have to reboot it few times to resolve it.


For the good stuffs you are getting from DD-WRT. There are tons of features to play around with it. I have to say it sure look sexy and make your router look more like an expensive brand. The nice about the interface is that you can monitor the router signals and memory usage in your browser which usually not found in many firmwares. You can even set auto reboot timer, just in case your router is not working normally. Everything I find there are more advanced and required to understand these features so that you can take advantage it.


For now, I already flash back to HyperWRT Thibor firmware yesterday and will continue using it until my router break. I have no reason to continue to use DD-WRT if the problem keeps on coming and I do not want my torrent stuck there the whole day. If you guys are experiencing some problem with your current updated official firmware or already having problem and no more warranty with it. You guys should give it a try on the 3rd party firmware. It might eventually fix the problem you have a long time. Anyway, make sure you check properly your router exact models and supported model from the website before you start trying to flash it. Cheers!


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