Kane’s Wrath & Soul Storm Arrived


Yes, it already arrived in the post office yesterday. I am glad it arrived to kill my boring time watching Anime all the time. I was surprised at first when I saw my packaging. It was quite small no matter how you look at it and my mind was like. ‘Where’s my mouse?’ Happily, everything was pack together nicely and beautifully without any damages after open at the custom.


EA Games this time roll out a very good deal for the Kane Wrath limited editions, which is quite better than last year. The first Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars limited edition I brought, EA bundle with GDI t-shirt, Plastic bag (very handy), Razer Mantis Control mouse surface pad and making of DVD disc. For Kane’s Wrath, EA decided to bundle with Razer DeathAdder mouse and of course including making of DVD, Red Alert 3 Beta key and coupon for special map download at the official website. What can I say? I simply love it!


I wonder what EA decided to do with the next upcoming FPS Tiberium FPS game, maybe a Razer keyboard. Damn I wish that happen and I will definitely buy it. Ok, it’s not that I want to get a good deal only out from the EA. I am also a RTS lover and I like stories. C&C is one of my favorite RTS collections.


Now, Dawn of War 40K: Soul Storm. Finally joining with the brothers! I have to say the last expansion was a good purchase for my collections and I am looking forward for the next upcoming Dawn of War 2. Soul Storm is just another Dark Crusade game like but with two new races. I was expecting new stories on the fourth collections, but somehow it doesn’t happen. Well, I guess I’m going to play after I finished Kane’s Wrath first, and also a good chance to try out Company of Heroes: Opposing Force and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance demo includes in the extra DVD. Damn!


Anyway, back to my Kane mission!


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