Internet Traffic Congestions in Kuala Belait

The internet traffic is terrible this past week, until now I am still experiencing problem. I already made a call direct to Telbru and report the problems. The technician gave me a call and let me know that he is also experiencing slow surf these past few days. My question is, what should I cared your home also experiencing the same problem I had? Wasn’t supposed they deal with the management and made reports to the HQ for issue. I don’t even understand what the hell do the technicians up in the capital was doing. As far I know, currently only Kuala Belait areas are experiencing this traffic congestion. My guess the server for our area is overloaded and needed to upgrade, since they have already make announcement on the price cut for the internet service.


I am still testing and experience from time to time. It’s quite hard for me without it, as internet is now part of my daily entertainment programs. Unless there are games that can kill my boring time. I have to get a new PS2 controller, hate to played game using the wireless controller. Blame myself buying a crap controller from WYWY Enterprise.


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