Vandalisms Increases in Brunei

I am really happy that our country has a lower crime many years. However, I do believe it might affect present as and future these days. Vandalism is probably one of those increases year by year destroying our parks and sign on the roads. I simply hate it when watching it when someone destroys their own daily stuffs whenever new things been built by the Governments. People might blame it or suspect on the immigrants who are working in Brunei. However, I would first blame the local teenagers and adults who had nothing to do destroying it. Many of you might disagree on what I write above. But I simply telling the truth that these teens or adults don’t seem too cared about the stuffs they had vandalize their own country stuffs. They learn from schools and yet they ignore the facts that they were wrong.




Second things I decided to point out that many of our local people do not know what a rubbish bin is actually used for. I was amazed by my own eyes seeing the local throwing the trashes on the side or to the drainage when the rubbish bin is just in front of them. What the fuck? Don’t you find this stupid? The rubbish bin is just a few centimetres away of them and they just throw it into the drainage instead? Of course, these include the foreigners and immigrants working in our country. I caught one of them doing such thing as above I mention and then asked her why she did this. She talked back to me and said wasn’t we locals doing the same things as them? And why did you blame just only on me, you pick on me because I am an immigrant working in Brunei? Talk big wasn’t she? It seem like she doesn’t respect our country rather saying I am blaming her.


I think it’s time our Government really needs to come up with a new law to deal with these idiots and new lessons to our local people. I know many teens and adults including the foreigners loved to dump the trash’s to the river and on the drainage in the recreation parks almost every day. These really need to be control and stop this kind of influences passing down to one another especially the kids with their parents.


Here are my own few suggestion ideas that might not happen in Brunei:

  • Fine them who caught vandalize the parks and recreations parks stuffs. Don’t just send them to jail. Make them clean it up, fix the broken stuffs and repaint the places they damage it.
  • Those who love to dump trashes on the side, from the cars, Drainage's Rivers etc. Fine them and punished them cleaning on selected locations for weeks or months under watch by the Government Gardener workers.
  • Apply this new rule to every school if students caught dumping trash on the ground. Make them cleaning up the school compound as since many students love to secretly smoke these days who want to have cancers.
  • Policeman should be strict towards the locals sometimes, especially their good friends. If you caught them, lecture or warning them. You are simply just doing your job and maintain the good law.


  1. LOL Vandalism is everywhere! even in Brunei-Muara district since i live there. Lol now im pretty suprised to meet an otaku blogger from Brunei. Nice to meet you ^^

  2. I know vandalism is everywhere. But Brunei simply need to be strict as these country is just too peaceful making them want to do it more.

    nice to meet you too. Buddy!


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