The Vice Guide to North Korean

I have been reading and studies quite a bit about North Korean. Don’t you find this interesting? Everything about North Korea is all seal off, mysteries and every information is very strict guarded from everyone eyes in the world. I remember seeing the picture of quiet ghost city in National Geography magazine. The journalist were manage to snap quite many of the photos that contains no cars, people, busy street, even walking around their houses and apartment! What a freaky place and I remember one of the North Korean who manage to escape said people over simply don't get along and they suspect each others. What a crazy country! I have to say this is NOT the place I should ever live or even wanted to born on that country after watching at the video done by the VBS.TV. Everyone in the world should watch this great documentary video. Check out the first introduction chapter below.



You can view the rest over their official VBS.TV website. They online video streaming is buggy and I experience hang up on my Firefox browser a few time. But this is must watch for everyone and learned more about the North Korean current culture and their strict rules. I don’t even know what I should say about the people by watching their face. But what I do know, many of them have a great future and should migrate to other countries instead. If only they could escape from the face of deadly security guard and guns. Check out the rest of the video, everyone.


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