KL Freeze For World Earth Day

Could you imagine something weird might happen around you if everyone suddenly around you freezes or even moved? I spotted the interesting article from The Star editors checking out more than 1000 people doing Freezes for World Earth Day event in KL.

The members behind these events were from radomalphabets.com. You guys should check it out the photos. I think this is the greatest thing and funs that we should enjoy once in a while. Yet good news to all Malaysian is that, they will be doing again tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid at 8PM, time freeze will be five minutes. The instructions and guidelines can be found at their FAQ website if you want to join the events.

Love the idea and we Bruneian should played along in World Earth Day.


  1. Heyy,

    Thank you for that. It does have mileage. I appreciate it.

    On another similar project, check out the official vid of the KL Freeze in Unison. 10 diff cameras from beginning to end. Even got ’security’ footage. http://RandomAlphabets.com/?p=378

    Go Bruneians. :)

    Zain HD


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