Gundam Seed Special OVA

It’s kinda late watching the Gundam Seed OVA special editions last week. A very nice recall memory for the Seed scene and most importantly, seeing new special unit appearance at the last part for few second. Ok it simply just got shot by Justice. I know it’s a bit late posting this image. But hey, I haven’t seen this unit before. Anyway, here are the two picture I taken from the Seed movie 3.


Both of these special units die in the war for few second. I can't see what kind is dark blue Zaku unit like, but I guess it might be a prototype CGUE DEEP Arms. The yellow is the GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type and it looks cool. I wanted to build this one out if I could find the GINN head. I am bad in modding so I decided to skip this one out.


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