What’s Da Big Deal without Girlfriend?

It’s really irritating when relative’s members asking why you haven’t had a girlfriend. I pretty hate them asking silly question about me this kind of question and bug into my life they don’t even know. Totally annoying, whenever they starts this kind of topic in front of everyone gathering on that special day. I would leave the table or get home early.

My mom never expects me too much from me because she knows what our situation is different. For those family members (from my side) who are rich, of course they won’t worry any single shit about that if their daughter and son get married early. For me who are just average income, what’s the point getting married and even having an unstable relationship?

I am one of those people who are much more focusing on having better career and self enjoyment first. Having a relationship and marriage can be later. Of course, there are plenty of reasons I choose to be single at my current age.

  • First, I am the person who doesn’t like dragging down my partner following me through hardship. I care about their future, if I am not the one. I won’t mind breaking up with her.
  • Secondly, I have no money. This issue especially the parents these days are now sensitive on this and I’m not bullshitting. It’s very rare for parents would close their eyes. Every parents hope for better standard living for their beloved daughters.
  • Third, I am an Atheist.   If I don’t mixed well with my relatives who are religious. I don’t think that make any different to other parent who going to like me. It may not be true, but I did encounter this situation before so this is a bit complicated.
  • Fourth, new car and house are the two main priorities in my life. How do you going to get married without any of them? We don’t have a MRT here.
  • Fifth, I don’t like traditional. If I ever get marry one day, my wedding arrangements going to cost less and simple. Celebrating and inviting cousins, relatives and friends are very costly for huge dinner’s event. Chinese specifically are very face saving, and it’s hard to convince them going for simple wedding standard. Unless they are open minded and that’s going to be different story. Most importantly your partner would agree your action.

There can be change in the future. Who knows, right? But finger cross from me as I don’t really expect much going to be different once it happens. To be honest, I am much more worrying my toys. Hehehe…


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