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After spending extra one day for code revising and check for any missing tracking code using Google Analytic. It was a disaster when Google Analytic didn’t track down any visitor records start from June. I have completely lost track at least two month on how many visitor drop by to my blog. It’s funny that Bloglog still able to continue to record down even the code is missing. O_O;

It’s true that I don’t frequently log in and check the statistic every week. I only do it once a month or later because I have another Bloglog to keep track on the numbers. But that numbers it just record down the new and return visitors for only three days. Unless you willing to pay for the premium services. Nonetheless, Google Analytic provides more accurate statistic and a feature to let you know how long the visitors actually reading your blog. If you intend to start a business, this web tool is a must for you.

Anyway, the improved version (especially the posting code) called Milano themes for replacing my previous doesn’t seems work properly whenever I insert my Feeds and articles in the popular section. It just turns out weird sometimes under Firefox and IE. I like the Milano, the improvement has greatly reduced my time going through the HTML section to edit my stuffs. I have no idea why the others use and work fine. But mine just messed up whenever I insert the code and moreover it was a fix version I’m using BTW with JavaScript supported.

With all the effort I wasted on Friday night. My last option and decided to land myself on Evidens theme. Some changes have been done on it because I don’t like the dotted image and the color appear on the side widgets. The result turns out really good on wider LCD and it doesn’t look so messy even if you are using 1024x768 screen resolution because it will automatically resize it. Well, I’m not so sure about the 800x600. >.<;


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