Optimus Prime Classic Gets Upgrade

It’s really rare seeing Optimus Prime classics toys getting upgrade from the maker called Fans Project. I didn’t really pay too much attention and chase Transformer news really often. But this time I decided to check it out as it looks interesting.
The upgrade kits have already released many upgrade and conversion sets. I can only name a few because Fans Project also releases customs weapons and accessories around the world which you can check out here. Shadow Commander and Powered Convey are one of them. The third is coming known as City Commander Ultra Magnus and to be release soon. The picture below shows how it looks like.

Damn, isn’t it looking crazy good? Well, the price also god damn expensive just for the upgrade, at least for me. But for diehard fans, this is no excuse not getting it. man, it looks like I am going to collect Transformer sooner rather than just Gundam. ^^;; I might went broke the rest of my life loh!
So far, the only online store I could find is Toy-Wave from Hong Kong that you can pre-order the upgrade parts. I’m not really familiar with this merchant, it was recommended by Singaporean. But they do sell a lot of limited and special stuffs there like the Bandai stuffs, so it worth to take a look around. Please be warned that there will be extra 4% charge if you use Paypal. Just to let you know first before you start adding to the carts without second thought.


  1. Well Optimus Prime is a little outdated in design (truck...). They should put a Bugatti Veyron transfoirmer version of Optimus

  2. that is not going to happen unless there was huge demands and request from fans. As much I know, this upgrade kits comes from the old comic which was not originally release by Tomy and Hasbros.

    there is new announcement for upcoming hot Rodimus upgrade so maybe you might want to take a look soon.

  3. Wow! I love the color design! Orange+Blue..should be my blog mascot! LOL! XD

  4. No problem, will update my site by today. Need to revised and double check the codes to ensure its running.


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