Unlocking Full 4GB Support in Vista 32bit

Raymond.CC few days ago wrote an article about unlocking 4GB support in Vista and Window Seven under the 32 bits. I did try the patch. However, it doesn’t work on my Vista Home because it kept on saying about the file is being used. I can’t figure out why and I tried few unlocking programs to check if Vista is using the ntoskrnl.exe. No luck I have to say, even I used the other second boot up in XP also doesn’t allow me to patch directly.

Luckily, I did browse through the comments for some better advice. Someone actually provide another unlocking patch program that is safer to used compare to the one Raymond.CC provided that doesn’t work for me. The ReadyFor4GB (not sure who made it), but the patching process is very easy and it helps to create another boot menu for you to select either the hack or the original ntoskrnl.exe version during boot up which is much safer if anything goes wrong. it might be annoying to you but I prefer reinstalling my Vista.

I already tested the patching and now running it in my Vista. I can’t say anything yet at this moment if there are anything wrong with my Vista especially the programs and games. Further daily test will be continuing as usual working on my PC.

Okay now, I’m sure most of you might want to try it. But please be advice I won’t held any responsibility if you want to try patching this hack file on your Vista or Window Seven 32 bit. Before you do anything, please make sure you check the motherboard or laptop that can support running more than 4GB memory ram. If it allows it, you are safe to go for it. Please remember to use it on your own risk!

Original Articles: http://www.geoffchappell.com/viewer.htm?doc=notes/windows/license/memory.htm


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